Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cozy Weather

 To start off let me just begin by admitting that blogging takes serious work. Lol I have been trying very hard to take photos for my blog! But damn it's harder than it seems. When I post something in my blog, I wanna make sure it's interesting enough to read! So I'm sorry if I don't post often. ☺☺☺
Meet one of my bestest friends, Jag Vilar! This boy has been with me through all my struggles, insecurities,  random stories, sudden dates and so much more. I haven't had a proper date with this guy since forever! So he decided to pay me a little visit. JV, I know the only reason why you wanted to see me was because you wanted your pasalubong already... no no no.. That's okay.

We ate at Cafe Breton and let me just tell you that I love their crepes. Surprise me with that crepe and I swear I'm the happiest person alive! 

Jag got his bag from 168 for 400 pesos while I got my parisian shoes for 200 pesos at the St. James Bazaar last december! I found it funny when he said that his bag cost more than my shoes.
Jacket: Topman   ❘   Shirt: Cotton On   ❘   Pants: Cotton On
Jag's Shoes: Topman   ❘   Mine: Parisian
Hat: H&M
Shirt: H&M   ❘   Dress: Uniqlo
My hair got fucked up from the rain. 

The sky was as blue as the wall. Todays weather was cozy and comforting. I enjoyed wasting time with great company. ♡♡♡

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