Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Is Long Gone

First things first; I'd like to thank Franz Weber for taking these amazing photos! 
These photos were taken about 4 weeks ago, but why did I post it just now? 
Because I'm lazy as fuck.. That is why.. But I promise! I'll be posting so much things from now on and it will blow your frikin minds off. (just kidding) 
Dealing with the heat in the Philippines is impossible. My make up was literally melting off my face that day (it's not even funny how bad it came off), but I seriously needed a new post so I just went with it! Posing in the street for pictures.. Under the heat.. Yes, I just went with it.
                        I'm obsessed with flower crowns now... DIY soon! 

Maxi Skirt: H&M  Top: American Eagle Outfitters  Flower Crown: Claire's  Boots: Pacsun
I swear the boots I'm wearing from Pacsun are a pure steal! 70 frikin % off! 9 dollars for these babies. 

Gahd, I love outlets so much it hurts.
 Franz, if you ever read this.. I know how much you hate this photo.. but I like it. Hehe 
The bottle filled with glitter makes me feel like Ke$ha. 
lol, bye! xo

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