Saturday, June 22, 2013

Manila Polo Club

Oh, regrets. I regret not bringing my camera today. Nevertheless, it's all good under the hood! All the photos were taken with an iPhone, the iPhone 5's camera has great quality anyway so no big deal. Credits to my most favorite cousin Bianca Jison for taking my photos today! ♡♡♡ Pictures were taken at Manila Polo Club. I was there for a baptism lunch for the cutest little munchkin ever, Ava! More additions to our multiplying cousins. Hehe. So here it is! My chillest outfit ever. ☯ Judge Me ☯
I'm wearing a bandage skirt okay. 
   Shirt: H&M  ❘  Blouse (used as a kimono): Thrifted in Singapore  ❘  Shoes: Pacsun
Unplanned matching outfit color scheme with my cousin! When we were younger I would always say she was my twin. ♡ I always wanted a twin.. idk why.. HAHAHA I love you Bianca. People said we looked like we were going to perform. 

Watch: G-Shock ❘  Necklace: Forever 21 ❘  Bag: Zara

Here's the munchkin! UHGGGGG SO CUTE
Meet Bea! We made a table ornament into a flower cap.. We cray and that's okay. 


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