Friday, June 14, 2013


☯ So here is a little bit of my frikin college life ☯

School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde 
Course: Fashion Design and Merchandise

Hah, I can still remember 1st day like it was yesterday. I slept at 3AM that night because I had just arrived from the States. I swear, I was loosing my mind that day from the heat and the stress. I woke up at 5 and by 6 I already left the house to go get my papers. (excited? umm no)
Below are a bunch of photos (all taken from my Iphone) with the new friends I made and learned to love ♡♡♡ hooray for making friends hehe

Canteen ♡ PE ♡ Bonchon

Skull Necklace: Zara  Top: Ralph Lauren  Floral Leggings: Pacsun  Boots: Pacsun

Just so you guys know we don't do OOTD's everyday.. lol The second wednesday of school, we decided to make our whole block wear pink because "On wednesdays we wear PINK" umm yeah we love 'Mean Girls' that much. 

The annual GROUP SHOT! lol vomit 

 What better way than getting dress coded with friends? Badass motherfuckers haha

my nigger from another mister 

 CSBLIFE blows at times.. take pictures
☺ my stoney friends ☺

BEACH with the best people

♡ craycray ♡

College is one hell of a joy ride. It's already been a month and I'm still so excited for the days to come! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such talented and fashionable people! ♡♡♡ till next time 

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