Sunday, November 11, 2012

Milky Way

Top: Fort Bazaar   Skirt: Forever21  
A little boutique I found at Taft while looking for the MRT station. Great finds for cheap prices! 
Necklace: Bedazzle 
It's been a while! October was a really busy month.. and timing was always wrong. But I mostly got lazy to wear anything for it to be "blog" material cuz the weather was so humid... until now.. I actually had time! and a camera.. plus the weather wasn't that bad. I wore this outfit to my cousins birthday party which was a children's party to be exact. Fun stuff. Credits to my favorite cousin  Bianca Jison for my pictures. ♡

Boots: Forever21
Fact: I have the most awkward smiles.
We attacked the FACE PAINT at the party. Weeeeee!

I was actually thinking twice with putting face paint on my face because sayang make-up. HAHA But then what the heck! I haven't been to a childrens party in a while and it was perfect because I was with my closest cousins. I had "Lumpy Space Princess" from Adventure Time painted on my face. Everyone says I talk like her... and Im all like: what the lump that is totally false!
In addition to this post.. Recently, Forever 21 had what me and my cousins call a "SECRET" sale! We wen't to FOREVER21 MOA last friday and scanned through the clothes. Looking at the tags, they were still quite pricey but we found out that the price on the tag which was discounted already was going to be discounted again! I swear, great finds in double half prices! Shirts and skirts cost 150 nalang! I have never been to a sale at Forever21 that was that cheap. Damn it killed me. The trail skirt I wore in the pictures cost 150 pesos! Prices to die for! I could stay at that place for hours and still keep coming back because I wouldn't wanna miss an opportunity wherein everything I wanted was finally affordable! Forgive my face in the photo.. I came from school and had no time at all to prepare. I wish the photo was taken infront of the store but sadly they did not allow. A picture at the side was what we got. We basically kept going back to FOREVER21 this whole weekend. Now, I totally agree when they say that shopping bags are always lighter if they're yours. Cheers!