Saturday, October 6, 2012

Actions and Reactions

For starters... I always wanted to make a blog. So here I'm, welcoming myself.
I'm going to mention a few more things just incase my so called "detail" bar isn't good enough for you.
Iam Megan! (042595) I'm a 17 year old living in the Philippines. I'm a struggling artist who can't draw to save her life.. at least thats what I think. Vocalist of the band "We, The Wanderers"! very proud to say. Someday.. Even if it sounds so cliche.. I want to become a stylist, famous musician, fashion designer, brand ambassador and a radio VJ all rolled into one! I love drawing happy faces on peoples paper, strumming my ukulele while singing about butter, movies that make me want to change the world, wasting time with the best people, sleepovers where there is no sleep, music I can nod my head to and DIY's because I'm a cheap ass person. 
I wish to change lives with my blog : Fashion and Music is the capital! oh and other things that stimulate my life.

Welcome! ♡

Credits to my sister for making my header!

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